Rug Flipping

I was very happy at home.

I quit my Same Day Surgery job when the kids were ages three, and one and a half. I was a stay-at-home Mom for the next twelve years. My husband backed me up when I told him I wanted to quit. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses; we went through financial pinches. But we were committed to making it work.

As the children grew, I had more free time. I was volunteering at school, at church, and I was also a part-time chauffeur for those swim practices, basketball games and water polo meets. It was a full, satisfying life for the family and me. I loved it.

Little did I know that God was preparing a little switch-up for me.

As I continued to volunteer and keep the house; a group of doctors needed a new employee. One of the MD’s asked the head nurse of Labor and Delivery at the local hospital, if she knew anyone who would be interested in working in an office setting.

I knew that nurse. We had gone to college together. Now a busy head nurse, in a busy hospital, I guess she wanted to share the wealth?

I got the call about the job. I was shocked. I’d never even considered looking. Of course, the Lord knew that, so he made sure they would come looking for me. The hours were good, part time, and when the children were in school. I talked to my husband, and decided to go for it. That job helped us to pay for two educations, and one wedding.

Have you heard the term: “Got the rug pulled out from under me?” The rug I was standing on was comfortable for me. I knew all its corners, and the colors woven in it. I was happy.

God saw my rug, and thought it was worn out. He thought it had started to fray, and was matted down in spots. The wear and tear was obvious to him, but not to me. He wanted me to move to a new place. I needed to start using my gifts for nursing again. I guess I wasn’t paying attention to the signs, because I never saw it coming.

You know how magicians grab a tablecloth, and with one yank, flip the cloth off the table? That’s what God did with my rug. One well timed flick of the wrist, and I was off my comfortable, well-worn rug.

I know the Lord has his plans. He’ll plant the seeds in me to whisper about change. Or the new idea comes from another person. Like Donna. She told that doctor that I was available, and 'needed a job'. It still makes me shake my head in wonder.

Turns out I loved my new rug. It was bigger, and had bright colors woven together; the new experiences yet to come. I stayed on that rug for thirteen years. Until the next wrist snap.

Life sure is a fun ride, isn’t it?

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