Good Cop/Bad Cop

When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, they all knew God’s intention. 

Moses would lead them to a new land promised to their fathers. After crossing the Red Sea, everything goes great for about a year. Cue the complaints.

There wasn’t enough food, not enough water. The final straw? They’d have to fight the giants in Canaan. Shaking in their shoes, the Israel nation decided that God could not help them.

Their lack of faith resulted in the decree that “all your number, numbered from 20 years old and up ward, who have murmured against me, not one shall come into the land where I swore that I would make you dwell…” (Numbers 14:29-30)

Now forty years is a long time, and I’m sure that some of the people forgot why they were marching around the desert in an aimless loop. Besides, God wouldn’t really forsake them, would he?

“Hey Moses!” the old Israelite cries. “How come we’re not at the Promised Land yet?  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this sand dune before. The family’s getting worried. What’s the deal?”

Moses stands there, calmly stroking his beard. “Well, I’ve got some Good News and some Bad News. First, the Good News: Your family will enter the Promised Land.” 

Smiling with joy, the Israelite exclaims, “That’s great! Exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve got to go and tell the family! But wait…there’s some Bad News?”

“You have to die first.”

“Oh, is that all? Ok, I’ve got to run… Wait. WHAT DID YOU SAY? I think I heard you wrong.”

Moses calls over his brother. “Aaron! Come over here. Time to play ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ again.” Aaron comes, but he’s not happy about it. Moses always gets to play the ‘Good Cop’ and Aaron doesn’t think that’s fair. You know how brothers are.

The old Israelite repeats his question: “Are we going to get to the Promised Land?”

Good Cop says, “Your family will enter the Promised Land.” The elderly Israelite feels vindicated. “Finally, a straight answer!”

“Quiet now.” Moses says. ”Aaron has something to say.”

Aaron looks at his Israelite brother with love and says: “You’ll have to die first.”

It’s a universal truth. No matter how many times or ways we ask the question, the answer is yes, we’ll reach the Promised Land. But we have to die first. It’s going to cost something to live with the Lord.

Now we will have to physically die at some point to reach heaven. But what about today?

Each day, as alarms go off, and feet hit the floor, every person in the world has the opportunity to reach the Promised Land in their own life. Today. It’s going to require dying to self. It’s that death that allows the new life.

So tomorrow, as teeth are brushed and the coffeemaker heats, we can decide to live in heaven for the day. Yes, we can make it to the Promised Land.

But like Aaron said, we’ll have to die first.

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