Autumn Lessons

The fall season quietly teaches me about living life in harmony with the Spirit of God. All of life ultimately points its finger to the One who made it. Fall does it in a splash of color and chill.


Cooler temperatures usher in the change. Swaying trees show off the golds, oranges and reds of the season. Their beauty masks the fact that these brightly colored leaves are in the process of dying.

Day after day the new colors brighten. 
Unable to process the sunlight, the leaves pass from being workers, to resting in a blaze of color. Finally, the life cycle complete, they flutter and dance in the air to the ground.

Just like the leaves, we all start out healthy and vigorous. Our society honors youth and ability, but what about the older years?  In this country, the elderly are seen as too dependent, a bother. Often ignored, the aged are not held in any honor.

But the Lord shows me that aging is beautiful.


The foods of the fall season include corn, pumpkins and cranberries. These are plants that are sown in the spring, but cannot be harvested before the fall.  Vegetables like tomatoes and beans can be picked all summer long, but not these crops. Through the spring and summer, they grow and thrive, waiting to mature.

Sometimes, the good things we expect take time to happen. Like the fall harvest, there may be a wait.

Seeing other people reach their goals can make me chafe and wonder where my blessing is. But like a patient farmer, I can wait. The answers will come; the goodness will be there. In it’s own time.

Jackets and Coats

When the weather gets cooler, it’s time to put on the jackets and coats, mittens and scarves. When the sun was strong, no layers were needed. But now, the winds blow and the temperatures drop. Added clothing creates a defense, keeping us warm and protected.

When our life circumstances get hard, we need protection too. Job losses, divorce and financial challenges are just some of the hardships we face. Some will be hurt by harsh words. What will protect us from these cold winds?

The Lord gives the gift of friends, family, and faith to keep all warm in the cold weather of life.  No one gets through life without troubles, but we are not alone. Our protection comes from God, and from his gifts of support.

The Lesson

Reflecting on the fall season has led me to discover the love and care God has for all of us. I see the beauty in all phases of life, the virtue of patience, the gift of protection given in the hard times, all on display every morning I wake and move through my day.

The trees are calling to come and walk among them again. If I stay vigilant, I know I’ll learn so much more about the love of God, through his beautiful creation. 

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