Olympic Whining


Ah yes. Whining. That nagging dance our children, grandchildren and even our friends employ. Why do people keep doing it, when it’s so irritating?
Because it works, that’s why.

The bible is full of effective complainers. My favorite is Moses. God chose him out of all the Israelites to save his people. He was the most humble of all men on earth. Perfect choice, right? But wow. That man was an Olympic-caliber whiner.

When God appeared to Moses, and gave him his mission, Moses was less than enthusiastic. Trying to politely decline the job, he told the Father that Pharaoh would never listen to him. God responded by showing him the miracle of changing his staff into a serpent. Pretty impressive.

But Moses followed that up with a classic complaint; he’s not a 'public speaker'. God points out that he created mouths, so no problem.

And now for the final shot: “Oh my Lord, send I pray, another person.” (Exodus 4:14).

No amount of protesting is going to change God’s mind. The whining did not change Moses’ mission, but it did have a favored result. Because of his bellyaching, God was moved to show Moses how he could perform wonders with the staff. And it resulted in God assigning a partner to walk the path with him. He assigned Aaron, Moses' well-spoken brother.

When I pray, sometimes I think I whine too much. “What is the purpose of all of this?" Or: "I can’t bear this right now.” Facing prayers like these, I wonder if the Lord plants his fingers in his ears.

But God wants to hear all my prayers. To prove it, he lets me know I had holy company. Examples in the bible of his servants, who did not shy away from grumbling, are numerous. Were they being ungrateful? I don't think so. Just human. Moaning and griping are really just honest reactions to pain and confusion.

Take the Israelites in the desert (Please! LOL!). The Lord sent manna to feed them. Were they satisfied? Oh no. Let the Whining Games begin. Now they wanted meat.

Not wanting to give up his own Gold Medal in wailing, Moses becomes distraught, and cries out to the Lord: “Did I conceive these people? Did I bring them forth?...I am not able to carry all these people alone, the burden is too heavy for me.”

Our Father did not roll his eyes and throw down a lightening bolt. He saw through the attitude, and discerned the pain in their hearts. He listened and gifted. The Israelites got their quail.

God was so patient and loving with the Israelite nation; Moses included. How much more will he listen and help me when I complain? I may not get a free pass out of my suffering, but I will get the help I need to get through. Our Father did not pinch his ears to block out whiny Moses, and he will not do that with me either.

Just like Moses, I need to reach the Promise Land. On my way there, Lord, please change me. Transform one of your biggest whiners, into one of your biggest warriors.

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