Brain Strain

I pull my suitcase out of the pile of bags in the basement. Up the stairs I go to start packing. My husband and I are going to visit my son and his family (including grandchild #2!). My “little boy” is turning thirty this weekend.

Ok. I’ll be gone for five days. Let’s see…I’ll need clothes for daytime, pj’s, socks, the usual stuff.  I’ll exercise, so I’ll need clothes for that. The hotel has a Jacuzzi, so I’ll grab my suit and cover. What’s the weather like? Hmmm. Foggy, temperature around 50 degrees.

Crazy Brain:
Pack four sweaters, six hoodies and a parka. Oh! And pack church clothes and shoes too. Maybe some boots, it’s always raining there. And a raincoat!
What about iPod, iPad, camera, cellphone, earphones and crossword puzzles? And by the way, did you remember to pack a telescope? The view out there is amazing!

Check, check, check. Phew. Thanks Crazy Brain!

Oh sure. I go to all the O.P. Anonymous meetings. I get up and say, “Hi. My name is Ceil, and I am an Over-Packer.” 
The arena where we meet thunders in response: “Hi Ceil!”
(Yeah, it’s an arena. Maybe I’ve seen you there?)

I decide I’m going to spill oil and ketchup on myself daily, so I'd better have some extra shirts. Will I wear make up? I'll pack it just in case.

My suitcase cowers shamefaced in the front hallway. My husband solemnly lifts the portable scale. I wait to see if I, yet again, have blasted through the fifty-pound limit.

The reason I stuff my suitcase? I’m afraid I won’t have what I need. Stressed and anxious, I’m obeying a mind that’s racing around like my neighbor’s Dodge Charger.

In Scripture, we are told: Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. Lay down your burden. Yes, take a deep breath. Worry sure can make a perfectly sane person do some pretty silly things. A telescope? Really??

So you see what I mean. I’ve got a situation here. “Hey! Crazy Brain! Go sit in the corner and read Matthew, Chapter Six.” Sheesh.

The weight of my overactive mind is just as oppressive as my overweight baggage. Trying to do anything, while not at peace, is not a pretty sight. Carrying all that nervous tension makes me totally inefficient and stressed in body and spirit.

“Do not be anxious about your life…” (Matt. 6:25). 
"Peace I leave you; My peace I give to you..." (John 16:33)

Ahhh. There is so much healing and love in the word of God. And fortunately, my ‘crazy brain’ is now renewing itself; reading Matthew over there in the corner.

I’m beginning to feel so much lighter and clearer. God is so good! I call over to my brain: “You feeling better now?”

Sane Brain:
Absolutely! Come on, we have some unpacking to do. 
A telescope? Really??

Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.                           St. Francis de Sales

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