The New Guy

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation
2 Corinthians 5:17

 I know that God’s grace has made me a new creation. But I often wonder where that new guy is. There sure are times when I don’t act like there is anyone new living in me. 

My husband asked me to sign up for the Rewards Program offered by our credit card. No problem. I sat down at the computer and navigated to the log-in page. I tried to log in.

“User ID or Password Incorrect.” You must be kidding me.

After a few tries, I finally got past that page. On to the security questions.

Well, I guess I forgot where I went to high school, because the site won’t accept the town I entered. I feel myself doing a slow burn. I really do not like this right now.

I notice a phone number to call for help, so I dial it, hoping for a quick fix. After the obligatory eon of waiting for a ‘representative’, I get to a live person. She immediately apologizes for my problem today. This does not help my mood. I’m thinking: “You couldn’t care less. You’re just reading the company handbook to me.”

“Paging ‘new creation.’ Report to Ceil’s brain. NOW!”

This woman proceeds to tell me that I have been trying to log in. Yes, I know that. (More fuel on the fire of my already glowing fire-pit.) I get a little snarky and tell her I know where I went to school, why is the account denying my answer? She needs to look at something...

I’m put on hold. Yay! My forehead is now pressed firmly on my keyboard. I am fighting the desire to bang my head on it.

The rep comes back. Well, this is apparently a job for Superman, because I am being transferred to tech support. “Transferring!” she calls out joyfully.

Alone again. Naturally. But at least this wait is only a decade. 

So now tech support is on the line, and it’s a good thing too. My head is currently in the oven and I’m about to turn on the gas.

I think my new creation is on an extended lunch break.

I ask this nice lady to PLEASE walk me through the security questions. She tells me the first representative reset everything, so I should just go through it myself. Whaaa? I repeated these instructions back to her, hoping she would catch my irritation. No luck.

“Thank you. Goodbye!” and I click off the line. This situation had reduced me to a big pile of steaming frustration.

I know that my 'new creation' was there, inside me, the whole time. feelings took over, and I ignored it. I missed the opportunity to be a better version of me. My 'new creation' would have helped me to laugh at this craziness, and be thankful the problem got solved. 

I'm really sorry that I was so upset on the phone, Ms. Representative. I didn’t even try to clothe myself in heartfelt compassion, kindness and humility. If I had done that, things would have gone a lot better.

My Lord, please help me to accept the new, calmer version of myself you offer me. No matter what the situation.

Oh, and get this. I found out we had already enrolled in the Rewards Program. AHHHHH!!

Whoops. I mean, “LOL!”

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