Now maybe it’s because I am not as young as I used to be, but I am exhibiting some interesting behavior.

I’ll walk around the house calling out "Have you seen my glasses?” My husband will then ask if I’m looking for the glasses that are clipped to my shirt.

One time, I started the car, and proceeded to look for my car keys. My mildly amused teenager just pointed to the ignition.

The things I looked for, were right in front of me. I just never noticed.

It reminds me of the story of the little fish. He came home from school (great pun!) and told his Mom that he learned about water that day. After classes were dismissed, he swam to the bottom of the lake. No water. He swam to the shore. No water. “Mama, where is the water?” he asked.

My life in the presence of the Lord can look a lot like ‘forgetful me’ and the little fish too. 

That cute little guy was completely unaware that the water he was looking for, surrounded him. At times, I forget that I ‘live and move and have my being’ in the constant presence of the Lord. So I end up running from depths to shore looking for him too.

Where is the Lord in this situation? Why don’t I feel the Father’s presence? Have I been abandoned?

These are all very human questions, and I have asked them more than once. But thanks be to God, who sends me daily reminders of his constant companionship. 

Just like the Mama fish had to remind her little one, God knows he has to remind me that he is always with me. He’ll never leave, even if I think he’s the one who is lost.

I like to walk outside for exercise, and I look down a lot. It’s not because I think I’ll trip and fall; it’s just a habit. Catching myself, I’ll lift my chin and oh! What a sight. Blue skies, green trees, little ponds, and children playing baseball… It all inspires me to thank God for his creation. 

With my head up, now aware of his life in what I see, I lift my praise.

The Lord used my husband and my child to point out to me, that what I thought was lost, was right there the whole time. 

God uses everything in creation to wave, point and shine, so I will see his life in mine. I need to train myself to be more aware. That awareness will remind me that the Lord, in his glory and grace, is all around me. 

Father, help me to become more aware of your presence in my life. Remind me to see you in everything, because you know how I forget sometimes.

I may, one day, actually lose my keys. But I’ll never lose you.

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