In the Beginning


The Father’s “In the Beginning” is the start of creation.

My “In the Beginning” is when my hand falls on the alarm, and my eyes open to a brand new gift... the new day.

It is a constant source of wonder to me that the Lord continues to make something out of absolutely nothing in my life. Minute by minute, hour-by-hour, day by every day. This must be what awe is.

Now, I’m not saying that God is some kind of magician. It only looks like ‘something out of nothing’ to me. I don’t have an eye for the eternal. That would be his vision.

With my limited sight:

The sunrise is a miracle.

Finding that close parking space is a miracle.

Getting up the energy to exercise is a miracle.

The breeze in my face as I walk down the forest path is a miracle.

Skyping with my son and daughter and their families is a miracle.

Grabbing that last tin of Café Vienna at Target is a miracle.

Finding my glasses….AGAIN! is a miracle. (Believe me, it totally is!)

The fact that you came here today, and are now reading this, is a miracle.

Small miracles, big ones, they all were planned and lovingly placed in the span of my short life. And I have the privilege of discovering them. Minute by minute, day in and day out.

All these blessings seem to have come to me so randomly. Almost by accident. But I know better. Everything was arranged and loved into being by my Holy Father, way back in time.

Yes. Way back. “In the beginning.”

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