Deep Roots

We were fortunate to be able to go on vacation this summer. Before we left, I canceled the newspaper, asked my neighbor to grab the mail, and my husband got special food for the fish. I called a cab, and off we went to the airport.

After ten days, we returned, and I saw that I didn’t think of everything after all. It had been abnormally hot when we were gone, and no rain. Our outside plants were withered into a tangled mess. Absolute carnage.

I was really sad. We had planted early, and watered almost daily before leaving. Ugh. 

I know that I can't control the weather (big shock!). But it wasn't only the heat that was an issue. It was probably the constant watering too.

Because of the sprinkling we did, the flowers didn’t grow deep roots. They didn’t need to tunnel down to create a taproot. All the nourishment was on the surface.

When we were gone, the heat came and stayed. Without that daily soaking, the shallow roots just gave out and dried up. The plant couldn’t survive.

This whole experience got me thinking. How I can grow deep roots myself? How can I prepare to flourish in the 'extreme weather' of life?

I think it comes down to preparation and choices. Do I thirst for a constant trickle of compliments, pleasure, or awards? That ‘watering’ is just a mist. Choosing that, I’ll be thirsty all the time. Who can live on mist?

Waking each day, I’d be so thirsty! Off I go, searching for a drop of praise, or a new and better place to eat lunch. Grabbing a new assignment, I’ll drive myself crazy trying to get noticed.

If I don’t get these things? I’m going to feel like a failure. I’m going to just shrivel up and die.

Instead of looking for my rewards in earthly things, which
make me shallow and do not feed, I need to find a deeper source of nourishment. I know I will find that source in the Lord.

In order to find my place in him, I’ll have to sink my roots
deeply, passing the topsoil of earthly rewards. That’s hard work.

There are rocks, old roots and occasional sprays of mist. It seems like I could make a home here? Nah. I know it’s too

I have to continue past the surface to the deeper soil. Then I’ll be with the Word, the Life, and the Spirit of Christ. That’s where the real nourishment is. There is rich soil to spread out my roots and take hold.

When the hot weather comes, I won’t even notice. My roots are protected and fed, held deeply in my Father’s hands.

People with deep roots don’t fail in adversity. They don’t even notice the storm. They are upright, strong and prepared.

Father, that's my goal. Help me reach out past the surface, to your infinite strength. Together, I know I’ll be strong too.

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