The Baby Phoenix

So I told you all about my new bird feeder (see post: Seeds for the Soul)? Seems like some of the birds are getting a mite picky.

The finches love their sunflower seeds. It’s that darn wren. He seems to have developed an advanced palate.

I have a bib my daughter used many years ago. On the front of it is the phrase: “Picky, Picky, Picky.” And she was, so it was a perfect sentiment. Now I have to restrain myself, with every ounce of my being, from dashing out there and throwing it on that uppity little gourmand.

Up to the perch it comes, and starts the selection process. It’s like he's on a Quality Control conveyor belt. Especially heinous are the corn niblets. His bird beak tips in the air like it smelled something horrid, tossing the offending tidbit to the ground. 

Pick, flip. Pick, flip. I have quite a healthy corn crop budding under the feeder.

Rejected, buried, reborn. Tossed aside, pushed down in the dirt, transformed into a new creation. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

How many times do we undergo the pain of rejection, loss or failure? How many times are we buried so deep, it feels like we’ll never breathe again?

Jesus showed us that pain can be transforming. But we have to make the decision to rise up again.

She is tossed aside by her boyfriend of three years. She thought this guy was ‘the one.’ Never saw it coming. He says, “It’s not the same.” And it’s all gone.

She is thrown down so hard that she buries herself in Rocky Road and old weepy movies. Her wrists invite carpal tunnel syndrome from all the texts she sends, asking what went wrong.

It seems like the end, but it’s really the middle, and after a while she sees that too. All the Kleenex is gone, she’s up three pounds and her wrist’s in a splint, but she’s ready to be reborn. It’s going to be okay. She’s going to be stronger.

The mother watches her little one stands up for a breathless second, before he plops back down on his diaper and starts to cry. And that’s the end of standing for about three days. But like a Baby Phoenix, he rises from the ashes of the hallway tiles and stands again. This time it's for four seconds followed by a great big grin. And the cycle continues. 

  1) Thrown down                                                    

  2) Buried 

  3) Reborn

Maybe steps 1 and 2 are inevitable, but step 3 is all about choice. The worries, bad things, challenges and problems can knock us down and bury us up to our necks. But they can’t make us reborn. Being reborn is a process that is accomplished through the Lord. We have to decide to rise and then, through our resolve to try again, God assists in our rebirth.

I’m going to let that corn grow. It’s a good reminder to pray every day to the Lord, "Please raise me up as a new, better version of myself. I've been thrown down and buried, but I want to get up again. Yes Lord, I'm ready."

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