Seeds for the Soul

There are so many ways God calls a soul into his presence. We are all human, all the same, but all different too. He knows each of us, and uses what we love to call us. The goal is to get our attention, so he can feed us.

I have a bird feeder in my backyard. I’m new to this whole bird-feeding thing.

Wandering through a Kmart that was closing, I found a tube style feeder. Very inexpensive. Hmm…this might be fun. I brought it home, wondering what kind of seed I should use. My neighbor told me that she had two feeders: one with wild birdseed, and one with black sunflower seeds. Each attracts a different type of bird.

Not being able to make up my mind, I went out and bought both. I filled the feeder half way with wild seed, and finished with the sunflower seeds.  Everyone’s happy.                                        
What fun it is to sit out on my screened porch and watch! It’s fascinating. Each bird searches for just the right seed. A finch lands on the perch of mixed seed. One peck and it moves to the next perch, hoping for those black sunflower seeds.

It’s the same with the wrens. One nip at the sunflower seeds; up to the next level they go. They know what they want. No second-rate lunch for them.

Different seeds for different birds. But, in the end, all of them are fed just the way they need.

God uses all different kinds of ‘seeds’ to draw his children to him too. Some people just love soft music, or opera. The melodies make their hearts soar to the heavens. Some might experience the presence of the Lord in nature. Rolling waterfalls and wildflowers turn minds to the Creator of these wonders.  

For me, it’s nature and candlelight. I live by an Arboretum and I love walking along the nature paths. I never walk fast, just sort of amble about, head tilted up to see the leaves play with the sky. Or I might be looking down for the little flower that waves for attention. It’s so calming for me, and turns me to thanks for all the beauty. And I am fed.

Candlelight, or the white mini-Christmas lights lit up on my porch, fill me with peace. I love to pray and read in that room, surrounded by the soft glow. It reminds me of the light that God is in the darkness. The calm invades my soul. And I am fed.

All of life sings its songs, hoping to attract attention long enough to lure me stop and perch for a while. In the middle of that rest and praise, God feeds for the journey.

There are so many ‘seeds’ that can call a soul into the presence of God. What resonates with you, makes you different and fascinating; and makes me stand in awe of a bountiful God. He shows himself in all things, so we may be sure to see him in whatever wraps us in wonder.

What calls you to him?

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