It's Tee Time

God has a chore list for me today. There will be jobs listed on it that only I can do, and he can't wait for me to get started. Armed with my own unique gifts and talents, I wake up, looking forward to the day. 

(Well, I look forward to it after my coffee... I'm all about full disclosure.)

So off I go to the golf course. Ready to start the day, I tee up my talent. Turning to grab my driver, I can’t get to the bag. There’s an Anakim standing in front of me. 

I stand helplessly before this giant. I can’t get around him; I can’t go through him. Hanging my head, I sadly shuffle off to the clubhouse.

Today, I read a passage of Scripture from the Book of Numbers. The Princes of Israel had just returned from scouting out the new land of Canaan. The Lord told Moses that this was Israel’s possession, a land flowing with milk and honey. The spies had returned, confirming that Canaan was beautiful and filled with good things to eat. They even brought samples of the fruit.

But. However. On the other hand…

This beautiful land was also a place that “consumed its inhabitants.” Enemies were everywhere. Especially frightening were the Anakim, a “race of giants.”

“Forget it. We’ve never going to win.” The house of Israel panicked, wailing in fright into the night.

Hmm. This got me thinking. What are the 'Anakims' in my life that scare me, causing me to give up?  I’ll have a mission, and I’m ready to use my talents to achieve it. “I can do it!” I say to myself at the tee…but here they come: ‘I’m scared’, ‘I’m not ready’, ‘I’m not sure it’s right’, ‘I don’t think it’s my turn.’

But. However. On the other hand…

These excuses are my ‘giants.’ They are the Frankenstein’s that block my progress. In the golf analogy, I can’t get to my clubs. In life, I can’t get off the couch.

I can do it, I really can. But somehow I think about all the ways I can’t. So I don’t. Faced with these giants, I slink away, defeated.

Time for a new way of thinking. Those Anakim in the Scripture were ‘veritable giants.’ But so what? Hey, Israel! If God says the land is yours, the land is yours! Those giants won’t know what hit ‘em.

The same goes for me. If God calls me to tee it up and get moving on a project, then I’d best be going.

The Anakim? Get out of my way; you don’t matter. No more buts, howevers or ‘on the other hands.’ I have a job to do. No giant will block me from the will of God.

My tee shot is going to be a thing of beauty. Watch out. I am going to crush that ball.

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