Interviews, fingerprints, background checks, home inspections,
family interviews; not to mention the oceans of paperwork. What the heck have we gotten into?

The time had come; we decided to become a foster family. I never liked the ‘foster parent’ label. It was never going to be just my husband and me. We knew our children would be involved in accepting and caring for the little ones who would come to live with us. 

Once the decision was made, the real fun started. What a process!

Now, I’m not saying it wasn’t necessary. Taking over the care of another human being is an awesome responsibility. But I had no idea it was this complicated.

Abram would understand, because he was called too. The Lord spoke to Abram and told him to leave his camp in Haran, and go out to a land that God would show him. So at the age of seventy-five, Abram picked up and left his home, taking his wife Sarai, his nephew and all of their possessions.

Out they go, on their way to…well, who knows where? I can relate. We didn’t know where we were going either.  

Abram had a few bumps on the way to Canaan, just like our mountains of paper and twisting roads to final approval. We felt like we were walking without a map.  For Abram, it was exactly that.

In the end, Abram found his new home.
In the end, we were approved as a foster home.

Just as Abram pitched his tent in the new land, we began to settle into our new family purpose. For about eight years, we cared for lots of little lives. We cared for babies, most no older than three months. Some stayed a few days, some a few years, but it was all fun.

It was a ‘new territory’ for our family, but God gave us the grace and strength to enjoy and nurture each child that came to live with us. It wasn’t always easy, but raising children, no matter where they come from, has its ups and downs. God called our family to this beautiful service for him, and for his little ones.

Groping our way through the rules and regulations, we made it to our Canaan. And it was a beautiful country.

So now, when I am being called to go out and do new things, I have a reference point. I might not have any idea how it’s going to work out, but I’ll just remember Abram. I’ll see him starting out without a clue either.

Abram’s faith was credited to him as righteousness. So Lord, help me to follow your will, wherever you send me. It might look like a great big mess, but I’ll keep the faith, waiting to find the land of milk and honey you have planned for me.

It’s worth the twists and turns and steep learning curves. In the end, I’ll be accomplishing your will. Just like Abram.

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