A Little Love on Monday

“You are the light of the world” 
Matthew 5:14

Did you know that you are a light? 
You are. Jesus says you are, so it must be true.

It’s Monday, and light is a little hard to connect with on a Monday. So…let me help you see how shiny you are.

I know that you are a God-seeker, and are actively looking for Wisdom. You can’t do that unless you have been called and given the grace to go out and seek. That grace is his light, shining the way to wisdom and the knowledge of him. But don’t forget that God is not just ‘out there.’ He is inside you too.

It's easy to forget that. Like a firefly, you can’t see your own light, but can see someone else’s a mile away. If no one has reminded you lately that you are all lit up like a firefly, I will tell you. You are.

Like a lighthouse, your light points the way to shore, to a resting place. You are that gentle resting place for so many. Yours is not a harsh, blinding light. Your light is soft, gracious and inviting. It has to be, because it comes from God. The storms on the sea do not extinguish your light. You may have to bend, but your flame will stand again; straighter and taller.

Warmth flows from your light too. You give life to the illuminating love of God, with your hands and feet. God cannot physically hug your children, spouse or friends, but you can. The warmth of his embrace is yours to share, to bring comfort to the hurts of the world.

Your light has the power to transform you in joy, and gives the power to share that joy. You can distribute that joy in the grocery store, in school, or in what you write and what you say. Your smile can change every person you meet today. Your attention to a story told, lifts the spirits of those you hear. 

Light is strength, because it erases the darkness. The Lord looks at you right now, sees his servant, and smiles. He sees the glowing power of his light in you, and knows that the darkness will never overcome it. His precious light is safe with you. You will protect and sustain it by the care you take, in living your life for him.

So have that cup of coffee, make your list and go out into your day. When it gets a little overwhelming, sit back for a minute. Try to see what God sees in you.

Remember, you are the light of the world, the light of your Father’s eye. Look out to others, yes, but don’t become so distracted that you miss the joyful truth. Time to get out from underneath that bushel. The Father desires your beauty. And so does your world.

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