Sun on the Moon

I am on vacation this week and next week, so I won't have the opportunity to post very much. My husband and I are on a family cruise with my Dad, my seven siblings and all the spouses (except my sister's husband, boo!). We are having a wonderful time in Northern Europe!
I promise to tell you all about it when I get back! I'm sorry I have not been able to visit your blogs and say 'hi', but you'll be 'seeing' me after next week.
Blessings to you!

“The sun on the moon made a mighty nice light”
From: Sun on the Moon by James Taylor

I am always struck by the people who do quiet, extraordinary things, and refuse to accept any honors for doing them.

·      The woman who finds a wallet full of money, and returns it intact to it’s owner.

·      The child who breaks his cookie in half to please his friend who didn’t get one.

·      The athlete who gives God the glory when he wins the big race.

 ·      The fireman who runs into a burning building to rescue a trapped employee.

·      The person who volunteers for the graveyard shift at the homeless shelter.

·      The parent who sits at the bedside of their hospitalized child all day and all night.

·      The husband who cares for his wife as she slowly sinks into dementia.

·      The employee who pulls a double shift so his relief man can stay home and recover from the flu. 

Quiet heroes. These are the people who do not grab for headlines or seek to cover themselves in glory. They know that they have been called, and it's time to answer. It’s not a question of how great they are. They don’t have time for all of that.

Maybe they know they are being Christ to someone else. Maybe they don’t even take the time to think that far. But one thing I know. They realize that they are not the source of their strength. They do not assume that their light comes from themselves. Not in a million years.

Thank you to all the people who radiate the light of Christ. No one can be that light if they believe they have created it. They are the moon--absorbing and reflecting.

And the sun on the moon makes a mighty nice light.

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