So I am supposed to write for five minutes. No editing. No rewrites. Here we go!

Subject: Beautiful

The fuse is lit and the little fireball starts to climb; up…up…up…into the sky after I hear the satisfying ‘thump,’ and it echoes in my chest. As the little light arcs higher, I crane my neck to see the explosion. I see the hanging, twinkling lights of white; in finger shapes, draping down to the earth.

It’s Beautiful.

Honestly, I think any ‘little light’ in the darkness is beautiful. Not too big though, not too overwhelming. Like the fireflies that dance and rise over my grass on a summer night. The North Star, hanging so close to the sea, leading a ship home. The moon as it rises on a cloudless night to shine on my husband and me as we walk hand-in-hand.

There is another light in the darkness that I love. The light that comes from the people who lead me out of dark places.  Confused, in a fog… I may be unable to see, but these loved ones shine a small light, and I find my way.

A small light can be seen for miles in the dark. I find it and it gives me hope.

It’s Beautiful.

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