We Want More!

“Who thinks more is better than less?”

This is the deep question posed to a circle of kindergartners in a recent Geico commercial. Whenever it comes on, my husband just has to look over at me and we collapse into a fit of giggles. The standout line, “We want more” has become something of a comic throw away line around here.  A video of the commercial follows this post. (I apologize in advance for the annoying pop-ups. Please delete them at will!)

I think this commercial really hits home for me because of the kernel of truth in it. Just like our enthusiastic little lady in the ad, I want more too. More time spent with the Lord, and seeing him in the ordinary moments in my life. That's what I need more of. I know that he is all around me, and a partner in everything I do. I just want to be 'more' present to that.

The best approach for me to begin recognizing God working in my day, is to start simply. Saying a quiet "thank you" when I miraculously pick the shortest check-out line, find my lost glasses (again), or I am able to help someone. Beginning a habit of noticing the grace in the good, will hopefully help me later, when finding grace in the not-so-good will be a challenge.

So this brings up a question for me. What are some of the simple things I love? Things that bring a glimpse of God to my day?  Here is a list of seven things that bring me joy:

·      Waking up refreshed because I went to bed on time.

·      Quiet time to sit and pray

·          Hot coffee on a cold morning

·          Dinner with a friend

·          Kisses from a grandchild

·          James Taylor on the radio

·          Walks in the woods at Morton Arboretum

·          Long winded phone calls from my sisters

Hey, that's eight things! That tells me that I have a lot of moments in my life that announce the love of God. It's time to pay attention. The more I recognize, the more I'll see. And I want more!

Comment Question for today: Where do you recognize God's love in your life?