So I am supposed to write for five minutes. No editing. No rewrites. Here we go!

Subject: Rhythm

Rhythm…it’s something that I recognize more when I’m feeling the lack of it, rather than the fullness of it in my life. It’s like the faithful washing machine that I mindlessly cram my dirty clothes, towels and whatever into every week. I don’t notice the rhythm of that ritual. I do notice when the machine breaks down! The rhythm is broken…and I then I miss it.

What else am I missing?

The crack of the bat against the ball at the Little League game.

The waves of the ocean pushing to the shore only to quickly pull back again.

The breath of a little one, as she falls helplessly asleep after the late night feeding.

The crunch, crunch, crunch of my footsteps on the gravel path where I walk.

The sound of a heartbeat echoing in my ear, reminding me that my body moves in it’s own secret time every moment of my life.

The passing of Seasons, one into another, as the year progresses.

Beauty hides in the everyday rhythm and ritual of living.

Time to start opening my ears and my eyes to the wonder of the rhythm of life.

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