Praying in Community

This past weekend my husband spied a growing beehive in the corner of our garage. It was very small, but we knew it was only a matter of time before it would become a large, busy home for the bees.

It got me thinking about the qualities of bees and their hives. Bees are industrious creatures, and they live together like a large family. All the members go about their business gathering pollen, keeping the queen happy and producing that sweetest of all treats, honey. The honey nourishes the hive, but it also can be harvested to feed us too.

This process reminds me a lot of life in prayer.  We go about our business, praying each day for our needs and the needs of others, just like the bees leave the hive in their solo search for nectar. The bee has to do this for the good of the himself and the hive; and we pray alone for much the same reasons.

But one bee cannot manage the production of large amounts of honey. He needs his hive-mates to do their job too. Working in concert, all the hive inhabitants help to produce the sweet miracle of honey. People mirror this by praying in Small Faith Groups or in the Church Community. It accomplishes the same thing.

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.
Matthew 18:20

Jesus wants us to know that there is power in the prayer of the many. It produces good things.

Knowing that, I‘d like to start “Praying in Trust” on Thursdays here at Evangelize to Me. We all will have the opportunity to come and  bow our heads in prayer to make that powerful, prayerful noise to God. The aim is to help our brothers and sisters in need.

This is what I ask of you:

1.     Come to this site on Thursdays and pray for the topic offered. There will be a devotion given.

2.     If you have a theme to suggest, please offer it!

3.     If you or anyone in your life needs prayer, please submit the name of the person and their need. I will compile a prayer list to display on the blog during that week. If you do not want to name a specific person or problem, “Anonymous” is fine. The prayer need does not have to match the intention for the week.

4.     Prayerfully consider ‘joining’ this blog. That way, people with prayer needs will see that you will support them. You will also get a reminder of the day through the post delivery. If you do not have a blog, you can still 'join' but please sign up for posts by email, and you’ll get that reminder too.

Our world, our human family, needs our prayerful support. Prayer changes things, so lets gather together as a blogging community to help each other.
We will offer up the steady hum of prayer, and we trust that God will accept this prayer. Not only that, but that he will produce sweet fruits for those who need him.

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