So I am supposed to write for five minutes. No editing, no rewrites. Here goes!

Subject:  Listen

Listen to me! Says the man with the crudely made cardboard sign that says:
                        “Homeless and Hungry”

Listen to me! Says the child wailing in the cart in the Greeting Card aisle of

Listen to me! Says my husband as he holds the newspaper with the article
                        that agrees with his opinion

Listen to me! Says the lady on the phone who wants to sell me…something. I don’t
                        know because I’ve already tuned her out

Listen to me! Says my garden full of flowers and weeds growing gaily together

Listen to me! Says my 95 year old aunt, who wants us to bring her Chocolate
                        Éclairs to the Assisted Living Community she lives in because she
                        can’t drive anymore

Listen to me! Jesus calls softly in my ear.

“How can I listen to you Lord? It’s so loud, with all these people calling!”

Jesus smiles. “I am calling you to all those places. Go out…and Listen to Me!"

Thank you to Five Minute Fridays!