In Between

So I am supposed to write for five minutes. No editing. No rewrites. Here we go!

Subject: In Between

In Between is like holding your breath - like waiting suspended in time. To me, it means nothing is happening. Something is being left behind, something is coming, and I am left hanging in the in between.

I remember times like this in my life; the time between engaged and married, the summer between high school and college, standing on the starting blocks, waiting for the starter to call "Take you marks!", and then the gun goes off.

What is really happening in this time that is 'no time'? In the place that seems like 'no place'?

In Between is the filling station for grace - for an infusion of heavenly power to get to the next level. What a beautiful time. But no wonder it seems like nothing is happening. Who can feel grace? Who can see it? It comes as silently as the space between the diving board and the water below.

It is filled with promise as I look behind to see what I was, and anticipate the future to see what I'll become. I didn't look at the in between, but God is there. That time is the whole reason I can go forward; from my past and into my future.

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