"Hi Nana!"

Praying can be a tricky business for me.

I know that’s silly, but I am willing to bet that there are people who suffer from the same silliness. I wonder…am I praying too long? Too short? I can’t kneel anymore because of my fabulous knees, but Lord? Does sitting seem like I’m being lazy?

Do you want me to pray, or listen? Should I be praying pre-printed standard prayers, or in my own words? I’m too tired/ill/stunned to pray. Is it ok if I just sit here and be quiet?

I was quite capable of driving myself crazy. (After all, who knows me the best?) Fortunately for me, I have recently been able to overcome these ‘prayer crazies’, and you know how I was able to do it?  Here’s a hint: “and a little child shall lead them.”

I have a little fifteen-month-old granddaughter. She is currently trying to master walking, talking and pushing out teeth from her swollen gums. She can even point to her nose when prompted! (You never know... your life might be on the line, and the only way to save yourself is to answer the confusing question: ‘HEY! Where’s your nose??”)

Isn’t she amazing? Isn’t she the most wonderful little fifteen-month-old child you have ever heard of? But let me tell you the most impressive thing of all. Among her very small pile of words, lies the phrase, “Hi Nana!”

Oh my gosh. I could hear that all day. Sometimes I get really lucky and she walks toward me chirping “Nana, Nana, Nana.” I just melt into a puddle. She literally enchants me when she spontaneously bursts forth with those greetings. My love for her just pours out and I am sure it could flood a mountain.

Thinking about how much I just adore her led me to my ‘cue the sunshine through the parting clouds’ moment. All my little one has to do is say my name and I am enthralled. Add ‘hi’ to the mix, and you can add ‘enraptured.’ Honestly though, if she sat down in front of me and starting spouting gibberish, I would smile and wish the moment would last forever.

If small, imperfect, mortal me can feel that way about her, in her limited ability to connect to me, how much more does Jesus in heaven love me when I sit in front of him and splash about in my inadequate pile of words? Yes, sitting is ok! Like he would care, right? He also sits opposite me, cross-legged, elbow on knee, chin in fist, watching me with a love that washes over me like the ocean.

I think I’m done worrying about prayer. If all I can do is just say his name over and over that’s ok. He will, still and always, think of me as his beloved and cherished child. And if I can’t pray in words, I’ll just sit and soak up the moment.

And that will be just fine with him too.