In The Beginning

I am surprising myself in starting this blog. Hopefully what I will write will surprise you in some way too.

Each day is an adventure, isn't it? Wake up in the morning with the plan for the day...but who knows what treasures await us when we decide to wake up aware of Christ in our life.

Isaiah says that every morning, God opens his ears that he would hear him. I know that like Isaiah, I don't want to turn my back or close myself off to the lessons and grace of a life partnered with the Trinity. My life, and yours, is constantly being told a story, the story of a life united to the body of Christ. We are sisters and brothers of all creation. All created things sing their being, evangelizing to me, calling me to the Gospel life.

I want to share what I hear and the lessons I learn along the way, because evangelization should never have an ending point. I am not given inspiration just for me. It might wither and die in me. It needs to go out and tell the stories again and again.

My hope is that you will let me know if you have been touched by what you see and read here. Our lives are not that different, and you will probably recognize the same themes and ideas.

Part of being an evangelizer is supporting others on their journey too. Do you have something to share? Has a blog post here made you think about your life in Christ? Do you have a story you'd like to contribute? Use the "Contact Form" and tell me about it. Share your lessons.

So welcome! Let's start listening and seeing the sights and sounds of the Lord in the light of this day.

I'm ready Lord. Evangelize to me!